Our place
935 Main St. Pella

Our story

The Dwelling Place bed and breakfast resides in a Craftsman-style house that we—Doug and Beverly Terpstra—completely restored and finished in December 2012. Before it became our B&B, it was a dentist's office for some 20 years. We contemplated the work and time it would take to transform it into a welcoming bed and breakfast for a long time before we finally said yes. One day before we made our decision, we decided to pray. The Lord spoke to Doug and said, "Build Me a place where I may dwell." Thus our B&B was named—The Dwelling Place.

The renovation started out as a labor of love, but in the end, the love had almost disappeared. While renovating, we moved all our belongings into the front room and lived there for ten months. This was a challenge, as the house had no kitchen, no full bathroom, and no bedrooms. Now we laugh, wondering how we did it.

With a makeshift kitchen, a cold shower in the basement, and a one-room living space, we began to tear down, knock down, and remove the old in order to make all things new. Doug worked on the house in addition to another full-time job. He did most of the work himself, though I did help with tearing down and decorating. Neither of us had attempted a task this big before.

As time went on, we began to see the vision and beauty of each room and the whole home—and the love began to come back again. And upon entering the bed and breakfast, our guests will see the diligence and excellence of Doug's craftsmanship. We have created a refuge and place of beauty for rest and refreshment.

So come and experience The Dwelling Place—where there is more than meets the eye. It is our hope and prayer you will leave refreshed in body, soul, and spirit.

"Oh that I had in the wilderness, a lodging place for travelers." Jeremiah 9:2